Were you hoping for this?

Now you’re stuck like this?

You’re not alone!

You knew that, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re probably like me, sitting on your couch crying, and staring down a piece of pie.

That’s when I saw STAYCATIONS on Pinterest. By the way, is Pinterest your new best friend, because it’s officially mine. Anyway, back to staycations. I checked a few suggested staycation ideas, and none of them satisfied me. I tweaked the formula and here we are. The perfect STAYCATION for the self-isolating family.

For starters what’s involved in vacations. Most of us like to get away. A change of scenery is always welcome. Also, we like to discover new things, or maybe we want to go somewhere that’s familiar to us. Somewhere we know we will eat well, and relax. Most MOM’S don’t feel like cooking, don’t feel like entertaining, so it will mean a little prep and a little letting go. Bear with me, I’m getting to it.

Pick a destination

It can be any destination. Personally, if I could anywhere right now, I would be in Mexico. Voilà, destination picked.

Next, this is the part that requires prep. Since this is a weekend getaway, you’ll need to buy the supplies in advance and stock your fridge with the appropriate foods. You don’t want mid-vacation to go out and get stuff, especially now. Also, it ruins the effect.

Make sure you’ve decided on the menu for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you can prepare anything in advance. Do it! The less cooking, the better. Keep Breakfast and lunch simple. Have the buffet style menu they have in resorts with lots of wine. Stock up on some grocery made sandwiches and call it a day. Less like Mexico, I know, but this is a staycation, it’s not actually Mexico. Lastly, if one night requires some cooking, make it a family event. Everybody helps.

The second part is where the magic happens. All dishes need to be left alone. Don’t do them for the entire weekend….

Okay, okay, I can hear everyone say, gross, ewwww, and we’ll run out of clean dishes by the end of the holiday. Perhaps you’re right, but maybe you can skip them for one night and pretend like someone else will clean them. Maybe the kids and hubby will take a hint and do them for you as you take a mid-afternoon nap the next day.

The most important part is this weekend is COCKTAIL/SMOOTHIE

I love margaritas, and so do the kids (sans alcohol of course) The fridge must be stocked at all times with the refreshing drink, just like in a resort. I can’t stress this enough. The art of vacations is in the copious amounts of drink. (maybe make a non-alcoholic batch for yourself as well ;)) Make sure you get this part right, having a cocktail or smoothie as you lounge around in the backyard will make all the difference in the world.

Get dressed up

I don’t know about you, but when we go on vacation there’s at least one night where the whole family gets dressed up to go out. It’s our night on the town, paint it red. Why should it be any different for a staycation. Get dressed up, whip out the already made food, and enjoy like you would on vacation. Put everything on the table, bring colouring books for the kids, sip some wine, and relax. If you can do this outside, even better.

Everything else is optional

Go for a hike

Play beach volleyball in the yard

Star Gazing

BBQ Luau 

Read a book

I have one right here for you to read. FREE for a limited time on Wattpad. 😉

In short, it’s simple. Do what you need to do to re-energize. Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel bad. Re-charge those batteries. It’s the most important thing you can do.

Stay safe, and I’ll be seeing you in the virtual.





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