This is a hard list to make. So many female characters in Sci-fi are badass. It’s tough to pick just 5. Alas, I must try.

  1.  Princess Leia
She’s the original lady. The first time I saw her I was six or seven. Ugh! I know I’m old. Anyway, Star Wars : A return of the Jedi was playing on T.V. and at the time I was more enamoured by the ewoks and their habitat, but on a subconscious level Princess Leia was a laying the foundation for the strong, opinionated woman I was to become. I find it satisfying to have seen her as a young woman and again as a more mature and wise person.
2.  Lieutenant Uhura
I didn’t start watching Star Trek seriously until I was in my early twenties, but Uhura was in my life way before. I remember, again around seven or eight, when my dad and my sister would watch the show. As a kid the piece of equipment in her ear fascinated me, but it’s only later I understood the real significance of a black woman on television. She’s certainly one of the major inspirations for my main character in my upcoming novel “She Runs With Wolves.”
3.  Sarah Conner
What’s not to love! I know there was Ellen Ripley before her, but Aliens never did it for me. Sarah Connor was the coolest and most badass, unorthodox mother on screen. In my mind, many actresses playing similar roles were inspired by Sarah Connor, namely Kara Thrace in Battlestar Galactica, Trinity in the Matrix, Alice in Resident Evil, and Emperor Furiosa to name a few.
4.  Zoë Washburne
She’s underrated. I think people forget Zoë because Firefly didn’t have a long shelf life, but she was the glue that held that crew together. She was tough like Sarah Connor, but still conveyed softness. A delicate balance to be sure.
5.  Buffy

I’ll admit I was the first to mock the show, but that was before I sat down and actually watched. The show was smart, and funny, and Buffy played it with heart. I mean she’s the original slayer with the crossbow!

I could have listed so many more. Tell me if you agree with this list or not. In the meantime, check out my top 5 Sci-fi must read novels.

See you in the virtual!


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