What if losing yourself meant you were erased from existence? Your essence overridden with no one the wiser?

Ylva the She Wolf - A parasitic artificial intelligence trapped for years in a box yearns for a human host to become alive again.

Eira a fiery human prisoner will do anything to escape the clutches of the evil ruler Lorcan and fulfill an old prophecy told about her unborn child.

The power of three wolves unite the two in a battle for supremacy to restore those living underground to the surface. Their inner war rages as they fight for dominion of the frozen wasteland that is now Earth.

The 100 meets Divergent in this debut novel which presents an action-packed mash up of tribal history and artificial intelligence that leads the reader on a gripping adventure of twists and turns. Discover a strange new post-apocalyptic world in a book that is compelling, unpredictable, and digs beneath the surface of what it means to be human.

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The Digital Coup: The Silent Uprising

Welcome to the Digital Age. A lustrous world awaits you. Robotech, biotech, and AI are standing by to facilitate your life.

A promise for a better tomorrow has never been more attractive. Or is it?

Underneath, the seductive techno centric future are cankerous societal problems that threaten the existence of the human species. Kimberly T. Hennessy imagines a not-so-distant future in her collection of short stories. A soft prequel to the ruined tribal society in her debut novel “She Runs With Wolves.”

We follow three women struggling to keep up with the changing times.

Cassidy, an ambitious junior space-architect eager to show her mettle, puts her life at risk to climb the ranks in her firm, but her AI companion has other plans. 

Mackenzie, a young teenager, embittered by her mother’s decision to uproot the family and move to Mars, learns the genuine reasons behind her mother’s selfish motivations. 

Mary Marshall, aka Siren, the unassuming socialite defies society’s plan for her, and bites off more than she can hack when a job goes wrong and puts her life in jeopardy.

All three stories weave together as we flash forward and witness the early breakdown of society and the emergence of a new species.

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