Photo Credit Lilyrose Vignotto

I was born on a cold January 13th with snow banks as far as the eye could see, in a small town called Île Bizard. The surname translates to weird island. I wish I could say it was a Friday. The ominous allure is tempting, but there’s nothing grim about this gal. 

Wide-eyed and cheery, I’m quirky with a side of kook, but I gravitate towards dystopian stories for their world building and character layering, and well, because they’re cool! I’ll admit however my fondness for most genres has kept me entertained many nights into the early morning hours, but isn’t watching movies and reading books part of an author’s job description? At least, that’s what I tell my family when I snap back from utter exhaustion. They’re not convinced. 

It’s no wonder I majored in psychology and science at Montreal’s Concordia University. Human foibles intrigue me, the likes of which have led me to a fulfilling career in writing, screenwriting, and film. After completing my Masters at Staffordshire University in screenwriting, I embarked on this wild journey to create a world with characters that appealed to me, shall we say a mature woman with an odd sensibility for impending doom?    

In between writing my debut novel, my screenplays, and every other story idea I jot down on sticky notes, I’m most likely plotting my next family vacation with my husband and two children, and our potbelly black cat.

The next chapter is a surprise, but I’m looking forward to it, especially if that means eating my way through the fridge as I type away my story.

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